HBK is a proven leader in utility engineering.

Dedication, teamwork, and quality are the cornerstones that have allowed HBK to enjoy lasting relationships with our clients, and we welcome all new clients with the same committed philosophy. We believe that the only formula for success includes safety, thoroughness, attention to detail, and a commitment to maintain the HBK Engineering standard. We approach all projects, large and small, with this in mind.

Company Growth

Since our founding in 1998, we have built a reputation for outstanding, accurate service in extremely time-sensitive environments which led to our East Coast expansion and subsequent licensure to practice in 47 states. Our list of satisfied clients includes utility companies, construction firms, and municipalities from the Midwest to the East Coast.


HBK Engineering, LLC (HBK) is a fully licensed, professional engineering design firm headquartered in downtown Chicago providing civil, environmental, structural, electrical, subsurface utility, construction support services and permitting.

All projects receive the attention of our staff of Licensed Professionals, supported by our outstanding technical specialists, logistical and administrative project coordinators, and consultants. HBK is a proven leader for the design, coordination, permitting and construction support of utility projects within urban centers, such as Chicago and Philadelphia. We have successfully performed engineering for a complete spectrum of utility infrastructure projects, including but not limited to, gas, electric, water, sewer and telecommunication applications.  HBK’s goal to push to the forefront of the utility industry has been accomplished with the help of the firm’s progressive delivery of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) methodology including surface geophysics, 3D Scanners, surveying technology including the use of survey-grade Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and Laser Scanning, non-invasive excavation techniques, CADD systems and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping. HBK offers a wide range of engineering services in addition to our work within the utility industry. Our staff of Professionals and support personnel bring years of experience in a variety of fields. We have successfully completed projects in the areas of construction management/construction engineering, construction layout, interior communications infrastructure design, environmental consulting and remediation, site development, mass/fine grading and surveying.



HBK builds on its successes. We learn as much from the contractors building our designs as we do from the utilities who operate them. Every project we complete provides our engineers and designers more insight into practical construction issues,  contributing to the development of more constructible designs.

Project Approach

Each project is overseen by one of our senior project managers, all of whom are Licensed Professionals, who can take a project from its initial planning phase through completion of the final product. Our hands-on philosophy means that our most senior engineers are directly involved in all aspects of the project, including fieldwork, drafting, design, observation of construction, and post-construction records. In addition, each project has a coordinator who liaisons between the municipal agencies, contractors, and the client to ensure that all scheduling and administrative aspects of each project are attended to. The project manager, in conjunction with permitting assistance from the project coordinator, generally serves as the main point of contact for the client.