HBK offers a wide range of engineering design services utilizing AC voltage system requirements from 120V to 230kV substation installations, DC battery and UPS power systems. Our Electrical design team has extensive knowledge and experience with the ComEd (Commonwealth Edison) system and its associated design parameters, commercial power and distribution system requirements, power generation and substation facilities. HBK’s Electrical Engineering service offering includes design of 120 V– 480 V distribution systems, medium voltage (4160V) switchgear and distribution equipment, emergency power generation, DC and UPS power, grounding, raceway systems, preparation of electrical equipment design and specification documents and associated purchase orders, upgrading downstream Medium Voltage electrical service from substation and distribution centers, Electrical subterranean Vaults and transformers (480V - 4160V) , Overhead/Underground service drops for large commercial/industrial users, design of distribution circuit reinforcement , Cable replacements,  Mid-Circuit reclosers, automatic load transfer switching, utility performance and reliability evaluation,  and electrical equipment condition assessment. HBK’s electrical design staff has a combined experience of over 30 years in the design of overhead distribution facilities ranging from 34kV (and below) primary and secondary services in congested urban areas as well as suburban and rural areas.

  • From 120V to 345kV, HBK’s scalable design approach provides for the same standard of quality and level of detail across all projects, large and small.

Key Personnel


    Luke Snow joined HBK in 2016, and has been a significant contributor to the power sector design team. Luke has been responsible for facilitating and designing engineering plans for the ComEd EIMA (Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act) program including manhole roof replacements and ComEd distribution conduit installations. He has also been a part of the design team for new electrical service projects in Chicago. Luke’s efforts help HBK continue to provide quality work to meet our client’s needs.


    Cora Pauli is an Electrical Engineer working in the Power Sector. She joined HBK with 4 years of experience designing electrical systems for water/wastewater treatment facilities, and 2 years of experience in electrical engineering for commercial buildings. At HBK, Cora is responsible for implementing all stages of design on a project, including feasibility studies, field work coordination, QA/QC reviews, permitting, and construction support. Two of Cora’s key projects include the Costco New Business Project located in Morris, IL, and the 4-12kV DC on a stick project located in Earlville, IL.