Archive for September 1st, 2017

HBK IMPACT Program Luncheon

We celebrated our third program year finish last week honoring all of our HBK Employee Volunteers. Our HBK Employee Volunteer Program encourages employees to take time out of their daily activities to make an IMPACT on the community. We thank you for going above and beyond in making an IMPACT on someone’s life.             

JDRF Kick-Off Meeting

Our Chicago and Oakbrook Offices held Kick-Offs Meetings for the JDRF One Walk Sunday, October, 1st. Thank you to all the employees who came out.  It was inspiring to hear from an youth ambassador about her life with Type 1 and HBK Employee Jake Mitten about his personal connection.

Raue Center Golf Outing

HBK sponsored at this years Raue Center Golf Outing. All proceeds of the President’s Golf Classic benefit the incredible education programs: Sage Studio and Mission Imagination raising over $300,000 and helping over 200,000 kids. Our Van Buren employees had a great afternoon on the course.