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Naser Elsbihi is a geotechnical engineer with extensive experience conducting site investigations and preparing reports with recommendations for construction. He manages the deep excavation and geotechnical portion of projects for telecom, power, gas and infrastructure sectors. He oversees all aspects of geotechnical projects from conducting site investigations and characterizing subsurface soils to designing temporary and permanent underground structures. His current projects involve tunneling, horizontal directional drilling, jack and bore, braced trenching, braced excavations, retaining walls, deep and shallow foundations, and dewatering design.

AT&T QA/QC Manager: Chicago, IL

Quality assurance involves a planned, systematic approach designed to provide adequate confidence that deliverables will conform to established requirements.  For complex projects the QA/QC Manager is typically responsible for the development of a quality control or inspection program which meets the provisions of AT&T and ensures product quality from project award through final Deliverables.   The ideal candidate will serve as technical specialists for the group and furnish support and guidance to field activities on technical problems, and develop or improve technical quality assurance procedures, plans, and programs.

Job Description:

  • Using advanced knowledge of AT&T’s systems, be able to provide specific direction to staff on best practices for construction methods, production of permit sets and development of Work Prints;
  • Be able to provide advanced knowledge and direction to staff for the use of AT&T’s systems including but not limited to Granite, MIC, AOTL, ARAMIS, Fieldglass etc;
  • Insuring that the staff’s understand the contractual requirements;
  • Reviewing the staff’s written quality or inspection procedures.  This includes the review of drawings prior to submittal to the client;
  • Evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of the internal quality system including creation of sample plans and best practices;
  • Enforcing corrective action by the staff when inadequacies are detected in the program;
  • Coordinating the disposition of comments to our clients;
  • Investigating client complaints and providing identification of causes to appropriate activities;
  • Reviewing and recommending approval/disapproval of work and providing recommendations for project pricing and acceptance.
  • Where applicable, performing quality assurance supports activities at the subcontract level. This work may involve creating document standards for manhole inspection programs.
  • Participation with production, engineering, and other activities in developing plans and procedures for assuring quality of permit sets and Contractor Work Prints;
  • Evaluating procedures for maintaining control of drawings and technical data;
  • Coordinating the disposition of nonconforming material;
  • Work with team members in developing production standards for use on bidding on projects.  Work closely with the project management team to standardize work and refine training programs.

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of 10 years’ previous experience as Telecommunications Engineer or equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience with Construction knowledge
  • Previous AT&T experience is highly preferred
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience managing direct reports
  • AutoCAD/ Micro-station Experience is preferred but not required
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • Expert knowledge of ARAMIS
  • Expert knowledge of AT&T systems, JAM, AOTL, Granite, Mic, Ocalc

Knowledge and Skill Required:

  • Knowledge of quality assurance/control methods, principles, and practices, including organization change practices and sampling techniques;
  • Knowledge of pertinent project demands and ability to identify critical path items.
  • Knowledge of ARAMIS and AT&T systems
  • Knowledge of the relationship of quality assurance to other activities such as contract administration, engineering and construction
  • Skill in interpreting and applying project specifications, technical data, regulations, policy statements, and other guideline materials;
  • Skill in conducting studies and investigations, problem analysis, and developing logical and documented recommendations;
  • Skill in written and oral communications; and
  • Skill in establishing effective interpersonal relationships.

HBK Engineering, LLC has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe and productive work environment. Employment at HBK is contingent upon background check and drug screen.

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