HBK Engineering is searching for a GIS Technician. Our firm offers a professional work environment, project team approach, excellent benefits, competitive salary and growth potential.

The candidate selected for this position will be responsible for calculating mapmaking information from field notes, drawing topographical maps and verifying the accuracy of those maps.


  • Works closely with a project team consisting of engineers, designers, and field personnel involved in the design, modification, analysis and constructability of new and existing utility systems.
  • Designs, develops and implements applications for accessing and analyzing spatial data.
  • Perform GIS troubleshooting activities and implements corrective action.
  • Works with data sets, CAD conversions, map creations, and database management for utility distribution GIS mapping projects throughout the greater Atlanta area.
  • Designs or develops databases that include geographic or topographic data.
  • Uses GIS and database applications to model utility distribution systems.
  • Monitors mapping work or the updating of maps to ensure accuracy, the inclusion of new or changed information, or compliance with rules and regulations.
  • Produces or updates overlay maps to show information boundaries, utility locations, or topographic features on various base maps or at different scales.
  • Checks all layers of maps to ensure accuracy, identifying and marking errors and making corrections.
  • Determines scales, line sizes, or colors to be used for hard copies of computerized maps, using plotters.
  • Identifies and compiles database information to create maps in response to requests.
  • Analyzes aerial photographs of manholes or other assessment information to detect and interpret significant industrial, resource, or topographical data.
  • Enters Global Positioning System (GPS) data, legal deeds, field notes, or land survey reports into geographic information system (GIS) workstations so that information can be transformed into graphic land descriptions, such as maps or drawings.
  • Compiles and digitizes electric utility construction as-builts and other documents
  • Calculates latitudes, longitudes, angles, areas, or other information for mapmaking, using survey field notes or reference tables.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or related field. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Have general understanding of ArcGIS software (ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcCatalog, and ArcGIS Online
  • Have worked with AutoCAD
  • Can follow high level written tutorials
  • Can work both independently and well with team members
  • Respond well to frequent process changes and priorities
  • General understanding of telecommunication design


Desired skills and experiences:

  • Have worked with 3-GIS software
  • Know Python and SQL programming languages
  • Understanding of popular projections and coordinate systems
  • Have worked with QGIS (formerly Quantum GIS)

Offers contingent upon satisfactory results from our standard background check and receipt of results of a satisfactory drug screening test from a location specified by HBK.