Go West Lawn League Cubbies!


Senior VP Eric Bergstrom throwing first pitch

1st PitchOn Saturday June 21st, HBK’s Senior VP Eric Bergstrom threw the first pitch at the West Lawn Little League playoff game, Cubs Vs. Royals. HBK Engineering, LLC sponsored the West Lawn League, a nonprofit organization started in 1954 that depends on sponsorships, grants, equipment and most importantly volunteers to help keep the league going.

In a recent  thank you letter HBK received from the league, Guillermo Guzman President of West Lawn, LLC says,” Our community is changing , so we are trying to change with it. Together we try to provide a fun and safe environment for all kids to come and have fun as we teach them the wonderful sport of baseball…We keep kids busy from January in our winter workouts in gyms, all the way to our fall ball season which ends in October. We conduct monthly parent meetings, to keep in touch with our parents to always try and improve.”

West Lawn Little League runs solely on its own with no relation to any Chicago Park District.  Volunteers and league staff spend over 30 hours a week training kids, cleaning the grounds, and cutting the grass. With a minimal league fee that supports equipment, uniforms, and trophies the league still turns no kid away even if they can’t pay the fee. Parents can volunteer hours to the league in return for their child to play. It’s a win win situation and helps the families out,” says Guillermo.

HBK is honored to help the West Lawn Little League and its community.

Pictured left to right: Claudia Camarena (HBK),Chris Cordero ( HBK/League Coach), Eric Bergstrom (HBK)

HBK and West lawn

West lawn Little league