HBK Promotion: Eric Bergstrom to Sr. Vice President


Effective August 15th

Eric Bergstrom was promoted to Sr. Vice President.  Eric has contributed in variety of leadership roles over his 12 years at HBK, including on key opportunities, such as ComEd’s EIMA and West Loop 345kV programs, the development of HBK’s work in the security and surveillance market, and the growth of the Chicago Office.  Recently, Eric has been asked to take on two additional key roles: Sector Lead Coordinator (SLC) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  As SLC, Eric will act as a focal point for the Sector Leads to help leverage organizational efficiencies between Sectors and to build up our cross-Sector capabilities.  As CTO, Eric is leading our initiative to expand our technology offerings.  This represents an exciting growth area for our company, not only adding to our portfolio, but also diversifying our revenue streams.