HBK Recent Promotions


Marc KatzMarc Katz, P.E. has been promoted to HBK’s Leadership Team as a Gas Sector Lead and will work collaboratively with Dan Rest and Brian Powers. Marc has shown outstanding leadership and technical capabilities in developing and managing HBK’s Gas Sector work with Nicor. Marc joined HBK in Oak Brook in March of 2014.  His previous experience includes working for Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly, Inc., where he performed design, construction management and project management in the aviation, highway and bridge sectors.  As a Gas Sector Lead, Marc will be responsible for further developing HBK’s Gas Sector client base and for diversifying Gas Sector service offerings as well as fostering HBK’s current client relationships and programs. Marc will provide a full time Leadership Team presence in the Oak Brook office, and he will provide an interface between his Leadership Team peers and Oak Brook staff regarding general Oak Brook office operations.

brian shepherdBrian Shepherd, P.E. has been promoted to Program Lead. Brian joined HBK in June of 2014, having previous work experience with TY Lin and the Dynasty Group.  Since joining HBK, Brian has shown exceptional leadership and drive within the Telecom and Infrastructure sectors, providing technical oversight and project management guidance to teams working on a multitude of design projects. Brian was integral in assembling and winning a large volume bid for AT&T as well as the acquisition of AT&T Legal Mandate work.  In addition to his work with AT&T, Brian has successfully led the performance of designs for Level(3), Wide Open West (WOW) and Qwest/CenturyLink. Brian has also committed to managing a large network design project in Culver City, CA that will begin later this month. As Program Lead, Brian will oversee programs and project teams within HBK’s Telecom and Infrastructure Sectors.

Congratulations, Marc and Brian. Thank you for your great work and leadership!