HBK Volunteers at Montgomery County Youth Field Day


On Saturday, August 29th, for the second year in a row, SR. VP Brian Mulligan volunteered at Montgomery County Youth Field Day.  The field day hosted 200 young people ages 9 to 15 for a free day of outdoor activities at Boy Scout Camp Hart in Marlborough Township, Pennsylvania.  Brian worked on a team that provided archery instruction to the participants.  Brian’s daughter, Olivia, participated in the Youth Field Day this year again also.

The purpose of Youth Field Day is to introduce youth to outdoor sports such as canoeing, fishing, archery, trapping and hunting.  Youth Field Day provides opportunities for the youth to be exposed to these outdoor sports through closely supervised hands-on activities.  The event is totally free to all participants and is designed to expose youths to traditions that they may otherwise not experience as a result of the highly urbanized areas where opportunities to experience these traditions may be limited.