HBK’s Telecom group gathers for Bi-Annual All-Hands on Deck Meeting


On Thursday July 22nd, HBK’s Telecom sector gathered for their all-hands on deck meeting, kicked off by a safety message.  SVP Eric Bergstrom began the meeting with an overview of HBK’s Telecom business as it stands now and the vision of what the future might look like. The Telecom sector has been a prominent part of HBK, Eric reinforced the importance of maintaining and improving the fundamentals to build upon our reputation.

Sector Lead, James ( Jim) Norton, followed Eric’s message acknowledging the growing team from new hires to long standing employees. Jim’s message  focused around pace and quality of work over the last two years and how HBK’s exhibited proficiency has opened doors to new opportunities, new clients, and new markets.

CEO, Ronald Kaminski, closed the meeting delivering his vision of the company and the development of the telecom group since the company’s inception.

Pictured: (Left to right) Sector Lead James Norton, SVP Eric Bergstrom, and CEO Ronald Kaminski

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