Inspiring student in STEM programs: Gustavo Torres


HBK employee, Gustavo Torres, shares his story of how his judging at the 2016 annual Engineering Research Project EXPO for Pre-Freshman Program at Chicago State University made an IMPACT on him.

I was invited to serve as  judge for the 2016 Annual Engineering Research Project EXPO for the Pre- Freshman Program  in Engineering at Chicago State University.

This  year the research was focused on Smart Grid Technology and Green Energy in which I have experience in.

One of the most memorable moments of this event was when one of the students who was giving her team presentation,  began to explain the functionality  of the DA/AMI radio antennas and how they are used to communicate between the utility provider and the customer.

This was very touching to me because I had been an electrical designer for these type of antennas when I first started my career at HBK Engineering.

She continued by explaining   how she became  inspired by learning about such devices to become an Electrical Engineer.

Many times when we come to work, we may not be aware of the IMPACT we are having on our communities and young students.