Located in the heart of the West Loop , HBK's Chicago office serves as our headquarters, housing over 150 of our employees who focus on the design and protection of utility infrastructure every day. Our Chicago office is where it all started and where HBK cut its teeth on large scale, complex utility design and coordination programs.

Today, HBK's Chicago office continues to grow with multiple teams dedicated to the design, mapping and protection of power, gas telecommunications, security and water infrastructure.

Key utility clients serviced by HBK's Chicago office include Commonwealth Edison, People's Gas, Chicago's Department of Water Management, DOT and OEMC, AT&T, Crown Castle, Level3 Communications and Motorola Solutions.

Key Personnel


    Maksymilian Nowak oversees the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA) program at HBK as a permitting coordinator for the Power Sector. Maksymilian has taken his prior work experience in Chicago government and focuses it towards ensuring that HBK and its clients properly navigate projects for approval from regulatory agencies including the Office of Underground Coordination (OUC). He is steadfast in acquiring the necessary requirements for securing the proper governmental permits that are essential for project initiation and completion. Maksymilian goes above and beyond in maintaining a personalized approach toward client's projects while maintaining regulatory compliance. (94)”


    Will Farrell is a software developer for the web-based and mobile solutions used by HBK Engineering. While the majority of his day is spent coding and working with our software team, a crucial component is interacting with other members of the HBK community. That interaction involves listing to people from all divisions of the company, and asking pointed questions to understand their needs with our software. He then breaks down these issues into technical solutions, which he then gets to build while continually pushing the bounds of his software skills.