Cedar Rapids, IA

Key Personnel


    Eric joined HBK Engineering in 2015 with over 11 years of landscape design experience on projects in Colorado, Arizona, and Iowa.  He holds a second degree in ecology which drives his sustainable design strategies.  His broad range of experience includes private residential work, commercial site development, religious/educational sites, multiple parcel land development, urban infill projects, low-impact development, storm water management, parks, trails & recreational design, streetscapes, and plazas.  Eric’s understanding of landscape architecture provides the means to blend form and function utilizing hand sketches, renderings, and computer generated graphics.


    Lori Boren has over 9 years of experience working with Geographical Information Systems ( GIS) with an emphasis in database management. She is experienced in compiling geographic data, analyzing geographic relations, and conducting research requirements to determine the best way to utilize information and display it in GIS. Lori has managed parcel, sanitary/storm sewer, sidewalk/street centerlines, boundary mapping and several other databases for multiple municipalities.

Cedar Rapids Projects