Submitted by Deb on Wed, 11/11/2020 - 21:28

HBK Engineering's Eddie Vizcaino presented two virtual Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) Junior Science Cafes on November 10th. In the sessions to Chicago Public Schools 4th Grade classes, Eddie discussed what it means to be an engineer and various sorts of projects he works on day to day. The children asked questions ranging from what his day looks like, to what tools he uses, to whether he likes his job. Among other things, Eddie discussed the various types of engineering specialties, showed utility locating marking colors, and gave students a look at an existing intersection from both its surface pictures and a CAD drawing.

The MSI Junior Science Café is an exciting opportunity for professionals to give back by sharing their experiences with aspiring STEM students. They are designed so students can meet STEM professionals (virtually) and talk with them about their career paths and their personal journeys into science. Each session is an engaging way for students to hear personal stories about the STEM field and open the possibility of pursuing a pathway to a career in STEM.

Eddie Vizcaino
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