HBK Engineering, LLC’s is pleased to announce the release of our new website, with a completely redesigned look and feel that incorporates the new brand logo for HBK, expanded office locations, and easier navigation.

Not only can you navigate by sectors directly located on our landing page, but by location and services.  The newly designed landing page features our new office locations that we are proud to announce due to expanding personnel and projects. Within the individual sector pages, we highlight some of our key employees that help make HBK the business that it is today and we look forward to continuing to highlight more to come.

The goal of our website was to reveal the new brand logo and standards we have been developing as well as updating the functionality of it.   The website is designed to give our sectors (Power, Gas, Telecom and Infrastructure) and our markets (Chicago, Norristown, Oakbrook and Iowa City) more visibility. For instance we simplified the way we present our staff, projects, services and employment opportunities to site visitors, while maintaining a consistent look and feel.

We hope that you will enjoy navigating through the new look of our site, find the information you are looking for, and that it will be a driving vehicle to continue to build upon  our current business as well as future.