Chronic flooding of the English River in Eastern Iowa has motivated cities, landowners, Natural Resources Conservation Staff, and other interested parties to work together towards improving conditions in the English River Watershed. Recent grant funding awarded to the City of Kalona has enabled plans to be made for the first stage of this project. The present design focuses on a semi-urban stretch of Salvesen Creek. This channelized waterway is severely eroding its banks and is encroaching upon adjacent properties. In order to stop this damage and allow for better flood prevention downstream, HBK was hired to propose a design that would re-meander this creek and create stable banks in the new channel. The design will need to meet the approval of the USACE as well as the adjacent landowners. HBK and the City of Kalona are hoping that completion of this first small project will lead to further restoration work in the upstream reaches of Salvesen and throughout the greater watershed.