Recent Promotions


Rob Decker

Congratulations Rob Decker in his recent promotion to the Sector Leadership Team.

Rob has been an integral part in the growth and development of our Iowa presence from the start in the early part of 2013 when he and Brian Boelk took on the task of opening up first the Iowa City office located at 610 Eastbury Drive. The team quickly outgrew this space and as luck would have it the option to lease the location HBK currently resides in opened up in a brand new building that one of our clients was close to finishing. Rob’s efforts in cultivating his relationships obtained from years working with the city and subsequent work with the construction industry around Iowa City has reaped the benefits with opportunity after opportunity for HBK.

These opportunities range from continued work with the University of Iowa as well as development work with local area building contractors. These successes of the team has allowed Rob to push further into new areas with new clients. These new clients continue to hear more and more positive news about HBK’s abilities in the Iowa market. Rob has worked persistently to build HBK’s offerings in support of new building construction. Working with his peers Rob assembled a team that provides the structural, electrical and mechanical design work for buildings,  thereby expanding HBK’s offerings in a market that HBK hasn’t participated in historically. We are excited for the growth of this market and the efforts of this team.

Brian Boelk

Congratulations to Brian Boelk on his recent promotion to Regional Director.

The Iowa offices grew from an idea that two friends and colleagues developed as they traveled down their respective career paths. This idea morphed into becoming the driving force in establishing an HBK presence in the Iowa market. Teamed with a great partner in Rob Decker, Brian Boelk has worked diligently to develop HBK’s brand in the Iowa market. He is well respected in both professional and business circles and is a leading authority in Iowa in storm water management practices. Brian is continually developing new relationships with municipalities and land developers. He worked for a large portion of his career as the City Engineer for Iowa City and brought a great deal of knowledge with respect to how municipalities work and think. This has afforded him the ability to work and develop new relationships by being able to speak our municipal clients’ language as well as knowing what to expect from a municipality when representing a developer as our client.

Brian’s tireless efforts working with the Iowa team have solved many difficult problems for what are now loyal HBK clients. Brian’s continued focus on getting HBK’s brand out in the marketplace has led HBK to many great opportunities for growth outside of the Iowa market.

Both Brian and Rob have searched out projects in new locations within Iowa as well as established a great team that can offer up services in other areas of the country as part of the larger organization. They have worked hard to hire and develop a strong devoted staff that continues to put out designs that keep our existing clients coming back and new clients ringing the phone.

Thank you both again for your worthwhile efforts, the work underway and the growth to come