Safety is a top priority and HBK’s professional engineers, designers and field personnel are trained to work safely in the toughest of environments. Whether in busy streets, mechanical spaces, manholes or underground tunnels, our staff has been trained to identify the potential hazards of the job site and put the protective measures in place necessary to complete the job safely.

HBK’s engineers and field personnel are trained to work under adverse conditions, developing methods to collect accurate data for many different situations, from taking measurements on riverside sewer outfalls, documenting conditions in manholes and tunnels with energized facilities, to performing surveys in structures 400 feet below the surface. All of this is done with the highest focus on safety and quality.


HBK field personnel work in many different environments, with as many different potential safety hazards ranging from traffic to confined spaces to active construction sites. Our personnel are properly trained and kept up to date on safety training courses to maintain a safe work environment under these varying conditions.

We make it a habit

Safety is the first topic of each day

Each new employee of HBK begins their first day with Safety Training. Each day of HBK field work begins with a safety brief. Each safety brief is a practical and collaborative nuts and bolts discussion about the potential hazards inherent in the work being addressed and methods to mitigate safety risks. Each crew member participates in identifying potential hazards and agreeing to the steps that the crew will take to safely complete the job at hand.


Every HBK employee working in the field is trained to wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times. This includes serviceable Hard Hats, Safety Vests, Safety Glasses and Reinforced-Toe Workboots for the typical field job, but may also include Flame Retardant layers, fall protection (harness and tripod) and gas-metering equipment.