Since our beginning, HBK Engineering has performed professional design services for telecommunications and bandwidth providers including shortest path fiber optic routing and detailed plant design services. Our telecommunications engineering services include fiber optic splice diagrams and installation plans, conduit and manhole installation design and building penetration and conduit design. HBK has performed some of the most mission critical fiber optic infrastructure designs within major urban centers connecting bandwidth providers to major financial institutions such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as designs for connections to major data centers such as 350 E Cermak, widely considered to be one of the largest data centers in the world.  With each design, HBK applies to its expertise to designing for the shortest physical path and time to market.
HBK Engineering has been at the forefront of distributed antenna system (DAS) and small cell implementations and build-outs. HBK provided engineering services for the first DAS implementations in the Chicago and Philadelphia markets. We utilize our expertise in fiber optic infrastructure, overhead electrical distribution, utility and municipal permitting and structural engineering to assist our clients in reducing the overall time to market for these installations. Since 2007, HBK has provided engineering consulting services to support the implementation of over 5000 DAS nodes in over 13 states and across more than a dozen electrical utility providers.

Key Personnel


    Jenny Klopp joined HBK in the fall of 2015 after working in the telecommunications industry for several years as a Broadband Designer. She has designed large city wide deployment of fiber and RF infrastructure for RCN and Comcast. As a Telecommunications Designer, she is responsible for designing small cell node design (DAS) for multiple wireless carriers, aerial plans, street trenches, directional bores and currently working on our new expansive AT&T project.…


    Corey Mims is a Licensed Professional Engineer with HBK’s Telecom team.  Corey has over 6 years of experience in the engineering consulting field consisting of construction inspection, project managing and geotechnical engineering design.  His current responsibilities include aerial attachment and underground telecommunications design primarily focused on fiber optic telecommunication systems.