Custom Application Development

With the anticipated large volume of information that can be collected and managed through a GIS platform for associated municipality programs and infrastructure maps, our team develops GIS based electronic data capture tools and GIS Data management systems. We utilize HBK's QMap GIS viewer, a communication and collaboration tool developed and configured utilizing Geocortex® Essentials software. With QMap, HBK designs, develops, and maintains ESRI ArcGIS web mapping applications; enabling us to do more faster, for less cost and risk, with better results.  


Benefits of QMap GIS Viewer include: 
  • Data accessed through a secure ArcGIS Enterprise server
  • An effective, intuitive web-mapping experience that takes advantage of innovative features, allowing users to accomplish tasks in the real world
  • A tool to assist in infrastructure routing
  • Directly consumes field data from integrated, custom-tailored collection tools for real-time use and reporting
  • Single source of information (route, workspace, ownership, wetlands, survey data, etc.), which improves communication and productivity among the entire project team
  • Route variance tracking
  • Survey/ROW/Environmental/Permitting/Construction progress tracking
  • Viewable on mobile devices
  • References Rextag pipeline/power line datasets for North America
  • Utilized in the pipeline, oil and gas infrastructure, power infrastructure, water, and telecom industries 
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The GIS data system will also serve as a temporary repository for collected documents and information as well as for infrastructure / asset location data located, collected, photographed and surveyed in the field. Additionally, the GIS system could serve as a workflow tool for transmitting and tracking verified data that will be able to be provided to the municipality for updates to their internal GIS system (or HBK can perform this function), and as a tool for providing geographically based project status updates. All of this data is fire wall protected and would be available to the city at any time with password required personnel unique logins. The Team uses many applications to capture data collected during a GIS program implementation, but has found it is most effective to custom develop electronic data capture software applications, purpose built to drive the highest efficiency into each of the asset assessments.

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