Routing and siting is the foundation that ultimately determines a project’s success. HBK's environmental team, understands the need for foresight and collaboration to determine the preferred alternative.

We utilize publicly available resources, conduct windshield & boots on the ground surveys, and gather input from various stakeholders, including engineering, right-of-way, construction, landowners, non-governmental organizations and regulatory agencies to develop alternatives that avoid and/or minimize impacts to the environment. This process allows for stakeholder input while maintaining the project schedule, budget and environmental compliance.

Our cohesive approach allows all disciplines to communicate in a manner to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate all options and select the preferred alternative. During the process, HBK's environmental team shares data through a password-protected viewer to offer seamless and simultaneous review by the project team.

HBK's environmental team has performed routing and siting for projects across the continental U.S. with our most recent project being the ETT Reloj del Sol 345-kV Interconnection Project.

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