Seeing Below The Pavement

HBK’s design professionals work closely with our field staff and trusted contractors to perform SUE services effectively and efficiently. Our team provides SUE as defined within the “ASCE C-I 38-02 - Standard Guideline for Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data” and utilizes our survey staff to obtain precise location information.  HBK is experienced in performing locates, identification and mapping for both our public and private sector clients and have a thorough understanding of the critical items that are necessary to complete the work, including permitting, mobilization, and site-specific concerns.

Subsurface Utility Engineering
Subsurface Utility Engineering
Subsurface Utility Engineering

Putting Cutting Edge Technologies to Work

Combining our extensive knowledge of the underground utility environment with both available historical data and modern technology, HBK continues to develop new techniques and methods to create more accurate depictions of the often congested and intertwined infrastructure beneath our nation’s streets.

HBK’s team of professional engineers, designers and surveyors takes a forward approach to the methods used in the creation of utility base plans, employing new technologies to continuously improve the safety, efficiency and accuracy of field data collection procedures, and new tools to portray, analyze and design within the utility environment.

Services Include:

  • Level D mapping 
  • Level B locating via standard locating equipment
  • Level C mapping and surveying
  • Level A locating via vac-truck excavation
  • Historical records research 
  • Locating and depiction vis Smart-Pig utilization
  • Utility basemap creation with combinations of all Levels