Submitted by Deb on Fri, 12/11/2020 - 20:06

HBK President Ronald G. Kaminski participated in the St. Ignatius College Prep Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Pitches on December 10th. Ron serves on the Board of Advisors and shares his wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge gained from founding HBK Engineering.

The MVP Pitches usually occur in person on campus but like most things this year, the pitches and feedback were taken virtually. Students shared their pitches and business plans with the board prior to the Zoom call to give the advisors time to prepare questions and feedback for the students. Once on the call, students were given a chance to answer questions on the spot and also ask questions of the advisors. In the end, advisors shared words of encouragement for students to keep up their entrepreneurial drive even if they initially come across mistakes or receive a lot of push back.

Virtual MVP