Taking it a step further


HBK has been a proud supporter of ComEd’s Construct program since it’s inception, and this year we took it a step further. HBK took part in the program’s training curriculum, take a look at some of the recent events:

Fit For Duty:

CEO, Ronald G. Kaminski, spoke at Constructs “Fitness for Duty” Presentation Day. Presentations included an overview of the company’s PPE requirements, safety rules, desired attitudes, and anything else that could be critical for success in the construction field.

Company HR/Hiring Panel Discussion:

Sandra Arredondo, Chief Administrative Officer and Chief HR Officer, participated in the HR and Hiring Panel Discussion. This was an opportunity for students to hear about effective resume techniques, interview tips, first 30 & 90 days of employment and any other insight the HR Representatives could provide.

Engineering Presentation:

Senior VP of Operations, Eric Bergstrom and Telecommunications Sector Lead, Dan Rest, P.E. presented an overview of engineering, CADD, and drafting.  Students were taken through a project from the beginning to final drafting and were encouraged to ask questions throughout. Students were fully engaged and asked great questions regarding safety, problem solving, and how to interface with the client in given situations.