HBK Overview

HBK Engineering, LLC is a fully licensed, professional engineering design firm headquartered in downtown Chicago providing civil, environmental, structural, electrical, subsurface utility, construction support services and permitting. Since our founding in 1998, we have built a reputation for outstanding, accurate service in extremely time-sensitive environments which led to our East Coast expansion and subsequent licensure to practice in 47 states. Our list of satisfied clients includes utility companies, construction firms, and municipalities from the West Coast to the East Coast. All projects receive the attention of our staff of Licensed Professionals, supported by our outstanding technical specialists, logistical and administrative project coordinators and consultants.

HBK is a proven leader for the design, coordination, permitting and construction support of utility projects within urban centers, such as Chicago and Philadelphia. We have successfully performed engineering for a complete spectrum of utility infrastructure projects, including but not limited to, gas, electric, water, sewer and telecommunication applications.  HBK’s goal to push to the forefront of the utility industry has been accomplished with the help of the firm’s progressive delivery of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) methodology including surface geophysics, 3D Scanners, surveying technology including the use of survey-grade Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and Laser Scanning, non-invasive excavation techniques, CADD systems and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping.

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From 120V to 345kV, HBK’s scalable design approach provides for the same standard of quality and level of detail across all projects, large and small. HBK’s experience in the design of both overhead and underground electrical distribution and transmission facilities allows our staff to provide a one-stop design service, minimizing handoffs while maximizing efficiencies. HBK’s electrical design staff has a combined experience of over 30 years in the design of overhead distribution facilities ranging from 34kV (and below) primary and secondary services in congested urban areas as well as suburban and rural areas.


HBK offers a wide range of planning, design, permitting, and construction support services to our clients in the Natural Gas industry. Leveraging HBK’s broad knowledge of utility construction and operation, HBK creates designs that are centered on safety, constructability, cost savings, and innovative use of available construction technologies. Our team of engineers, project managers, designers and technical specialists works together to provide the same level of care and attention to all projects, whether the design is for a 36” high-pressure steel pipe, or a 2” plastic pipe. HBK’s Gas Sector team is made up of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Natural Gas utilities, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, business, and permitting specialists to deliver a high level of service on every project.

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Since our beginning, HBK Engineering has performed professional design services for telecommunications and bandwidth providers including shortest path fiber optic routing and detailed plant design services. HBK has performed some of the most mission critical fiber optic infrastructure designs within major urban centers connecting bandwidth providers to major financial institutions such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as designs for connections to major data centers such as 350 E Cermak, widely considered to be one of the largest data centers in the world. With each design, HBK applies to its expertise to designing for the shortest physical path and time to market.


HBK’s staff has considerable experience in designing water, sanitary sewer and storm water utility systems in some of the most congested urban environments in the country. Our expertise extends from facilities in the public right-of-way to private industrial facilities, and to water and wastewater treatment plants themselves. If it is underground, we have done it. Our water, wastewater and storm water expertise lies not in just designing these facilities themselves, but in having a broad understanding of the underground environment, an environment that can have a profound effect on the design, construction, maintenance, and life-cycle of any underground utility. Through coordination efforts with other underground utilities and right-of-way users, permitting agencies, and other stakeholders, we have completed some of the most complicated water design and construction projects in the Midwest.


HBK knows that to provide the most comprehensive design for any single utility, an Engineer must understand all utilities and how they interact with one another. While HBK has a vast understanding of the technical aspects of Power, Gas, Telecommunications, Water and Water Management Utilities, we also understand what drives each individual utilities' business. We know their customer base, their technical opportunities and constraints, their risks and their challenges. This knowledge base allows HBK to approach each project for a single or for multiple utilities with consideration for how each utility operates, providing our engineers insight on where potential opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings might be gained, or where potential pitfalls or conflicts may be avoided.

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